[argyllcms] Re: Do we expect the ColorMunki to work on Centos6.4?

  • From: Richard Kirk <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 12:03:52 +0100

On 09/01/2014 02:27 AM, Graeme Gill wrote:
Richard Kirk wrote:

Here's the errors with 'sudo'...

richard@gallardo$ sudo ./Argyll_V1.6.3/bin/spotread -D9

I won't attach all of the dump as it is enormous and I don't want to plague 
everyone with
it. But here is the bit starting just before my attempt at a measurement...

avg_multi: overall avg = 1857.421875, minavg = 1857.421875, maxavg = 
1857.421875, variance
0.000000, THR 0.050000 (darkth 5000.000000)
Saving adaptive black calib to similar modes
Done adaptive interpolated black calibration
urb_reaper: poll returned -1 and events 0 0
urb_reaper: shutdown or too many failure
urb_reaper: cleared requests
urb_reaper: thread done
I think the driver has effectively failed at this point,
because poll() has returned -1 so it thinks the driver
is shutting down.
Without the reaper thread, no USB transfers will complete.

What happened before this ? (ie., since you have ommitted the
trace, it's not clear whether USB transfers were working before this,
or what led up to poll failing).
Hi, Graeme.

Thanks for looking at this, particularly as I suspect this is an OS problem.

I am running sudo /usr/local/bin/spotread -e -v -D9. I connect to the instrument, do a self-calibration, and then quit.

I have attached a zip of the co bined stderr and stdout in spotread_log.zip, which will unpack to spotread.log ( 370394 bytes ).

When I run this without the debug flag I get...

> sudo /usr/local/bin/spotread -e -v
Connecting to the instrument ..
Instrument Type:   ColorMunki
Serial Number:     2066000
Firmware version:  288
Chip ID:           01-9059EF15000046
Version string:    'colormunki FW V1.32  Build Nr. 1303'
Calibration Ver.:  6
Production No.:    101549
Init instrument success !

Spot read needs a calibration before continuing
Set instrument sensor to calibration position,
 and then hit any key to continue,
 or hit Esc or Q to abort:
icoms_usb_transaction: reaper thread is not running
icoms_usb_transaction: reaper thread is not running
icoms_usb_transaction: reaper thread is not running
icoms_usb_transaction: reaper thread is not running
Calibration complete

Place instrument on spot to be measured,
and hit [A-Z] to read white and setup FWA compensation (keyed to letter)
[a-z] to read and make FWA compensated reading from keyed reference
'r' to set reference, 's' to save spectrum,
'f' to report cal. refresh rate, 'F' to measure refresh rate
'h' to toggle high res., 'k' to do a calibration
Hit ESC or Q to exit, instrument switch or any other key to take a reading: q

Spot read stopped at user request!
Hit Esc or Q to give up, any other key to retry:



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