[argyllcms] Re: Devicelink Black Generation

  • From: Klaus Karcher <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 12:04:39 +0200

Fabrizio Levati wrote:
I am trying to create a devicelink profile to convert from ISOwebcoated to ISOnewspaper [...] what I am trying to achieve is to create a devicelink with my own GCR and preserve the pure (100%) BLACK in the text.

I think littlecms <http://www.littlecms.com/> is more suitable for this purpose. Try something like this:

path/to/lcms/bin/icclink -t1 -f1 -o web2news_lcms.icc ISOwebcoated.icc ISOnewspaper.icc

(relative colorimetric, no black point compensation, -- Attention! Clipping!)

... icclink -t1 -b -f1  ...
(relative with black point compensation)

... icclink -t0 -f1 ...

or this:
... icclink -t3 -f1 ...

Your destination profile establishes the separation. It must allow 100% K in either case.

the most important lcms-icclink-flags are:
-o<profile> - Output devicelink profile. [defaults to 'devicelink.icm']
-t<0,1,2,3> - Intent (0=Perceptual, 1=Colorimetric, 2=Saturation, 3=Absolute)
-c<0,1,2> - Precission (0=LowRes, 1=Normal, 2=Hi-res) [defaults to 1]
-n<gridpoints> - Alternate way to set precission, number of CLUT points
-d<description> - description text (quotes can be used)

-b - Black point compensation
-f<0,1> - Black preserving 0=off, 1=K ink only 2=K plane


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