[argyllcms] Re: Device Link Profiles

  • From: Martin Weberg <martin.weberg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 02:19:54 +0100

Hi Kevin!

I follow the colorsync-users list (subject: Device Link Profiles &
Monaco Profiler Platinum) and know that you are setting up a proofing
process, right?

collink -v -fk -G -ia -cpp -dpp -kt -l400 -L100 input.icc proofer.icc

- You're proofing using Kodak Approval? Then if you are able to proof
on actual print paper use -ir instead.
- I would also give -kx a try. Possibly generating a proof less prone
to negative metameric effects. Use -kp for custom black generation.
Beware, setting -kp is a battle of trial-and-error iterations (at
least for me :-)).

Martin Weberg

2009/10/28 Kevin Muldoon <kmuldoon@xxxxxxx>:
> Would there be any 'best practice' or 'recommended flag settings' for
> icclink? I'm reading the link/icclink usage summary and am a bit overwhelmed
> by the wealth of choices to be made. Thats not a bad thing.
> I'd like to create a CMYK to CMYK device link profile which preserves black
> channel of input file. I use MonacoPROFILER which unfortunately creates rich
> blacks of 100%K upon transform.
> I'm happy to experiment but would feel more comfortable with a general road
> map of how to use icclink.

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