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  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 14:25:09 +0200

Redshift has nothing to do with colormanagement. Redshift is entertainment. From the homepage http://jonls.dk/redshift/ :

"Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings. This may help your eyes hurt less if you are working in front of the screen at night."
"The color temperature is set according to the position of the sun. A different color temperature is set during night and daytime. During twilight and early morning, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature to allow your eyes to slowly adapt. At night the color temperature should be set to match the lamps in your room. This is typically a low temperature at around 3000K-4000K (default is 3700K). During the day, the color temperature should match the light from outside, typically around 5500K-6500K (default is 5500K). The light has a higher temperature on an overcast day."

Not a thing you should use if you want a consistent color managed monitor.

2010-06-07 14:10, robbie skrev:
El vie, 04-06-2010 a las 12:10 +1000, Graeme Gill escribió:
robbie wrote:
>  I'd like to set up redshift (software) with readings for the ambient
>  light in my room, so I can keep the color prof. in tune with my
>  conditions. Can you help me in any way with this?

You'll have to be a bit clearer about what you are trying to do.

What is "redshift" ?

you know -- I can't find the project page online or I'd link it. :S it's a gnome applet that adjusts the color temp of the screen, applying an icc_profile at various times of the day. rather than just using fixed times and adjustments, I'd like to have the actual light around me involved in the equation.

>  I can't find a datasheet anywhere for the life of me - my colorimeter is
>  a DTP94 (Monaco Optix XR: 0x0765 0xd094 X-rite).

Datasheet on what ?

The DTP94 doesn't have an ambient light capability.
Nonetheless, that's exactly what I'm looking for, the datasheet on the DTP94. I'd really like to know how I can interface with the hardware through the /dev device + kernel module on my machine.

Graeme Gill.
Thank you Graeme, there's lot's of good info in your response and -- even if I dn't quite have the tools to do what I'm looking for, I guess I'm learning something just looking into it.

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