[argyllcms] DTP20 Wont read 4x6 header strip

  • From: Bob Coss <bobcoss@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 22:05:55 -0400

Hi Graeme and any DTP20 Users,

For the first time I've tried profiling 4x6 inch paper, and I'm getting
error messages like this when I try to read the header.

    Strip read failed due to misread (Strip length invalid, Re-scan)
    Strip read failed due to misread (Strip edge color was measured invalid,

I tried positioning the paper in the slot of the scanning try in all
possible configurations.  My observations about the targets are:

1. The height is not the same as the header strips created by ColorElite, (
trued raising or lowering the patches hoping to get the sweet spot)
2. The width is the same as ColorElite
3. The height of the regular patches are not as high either.

I have no problem reading the header of a 4x6 target from ColorElite, or the
targets from Argyll from Letter sized paper.

Argyll 1.3.4 installed on Ubuntu 11.04
1. targen -v -G -d2 -f576 -c /home/bob/argyll/profiles/someoldprofile.icm
-A.8 somepaper
2. printtarg -v -i20 -t -p4x6 somepaper
3. targets printed using Qimage with all color managment turned off in
qimage and in canon printer driver.
4. chartread -v -c1 somepaper
5. tried reading with my DTP20UV tethered and untethered.  Won't read the
header strip no matter what I do.    I try reading the header strip of one
of the other targets I've printed previously, and it works fine both
tethered and utethered.

Thank you in advance for your ideas and support.

Hay que aprender algo nuevo todos los días

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