[argyllcms] Re: DTP20 (Pulse) patch size error

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That seems to be the consensus...the null transform method works fine.  Some
have mentioned that there are problems sRGB is used, but I stuck with using

I also tried using various margin settings.  Changing the margin setting in
ACPU seemed to have no effect as the settings wouldn't hold.  I don't have a
margin dialogue box in the 1400 driver, but there is an option to reduce or
enlarge based on the paper size selected or on a percentage.  Since it
defaults to 97% I thought that might account for the shrinkage in ACPU.
100% enlarged the chart, but it still wasn't 1 to 1.

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As I recall it was one of the Adobe software engineers who came up with the
CS5 null transform method and it does work.  Adobe developed the print
utility to make it "easier" to print out targets.  As Graeme said in an
early response today, i1 Pro and ColorMunki targets don't seem to be
impacted by the slight shrinkage because of the contrasting spacer color.  I
haven't tried the custom paper approach with zero margins but may try that
with some inexpensive paper to see if the sizing is affected.  There is a
margin dialogue box that pops up for my Epson 3880 under the print setup
button but it seems not to work at all when I change the margins there to
zero.  I did re-load PS CS4 (which I have a license for) so I can print out
properly sized targets with no color management from that application.  It's
still strange to me why Adobe got rid of this option in moving to CS5.


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A number of forums mention using the "null transform" approach in PS CS5.
This involves turning off Black Point Compensation and setting rendering
intent to Relative Colorimetric in the color management settings.  Open the
chart and assign a generic profile to it such as Adobe RGB.  The profile
must be assigned to the chart...the chart must not be converted.  The chart
is then printed with Photoshop Manages Printing in the Print Dialogue Box
and the same profile is assigned (in this case Adobe RGB). Intent is set to
Relative Colorimetric with no BPC.  Color management is disabled in the
print driver.

As I understand it, the print engine sees that the intent matches the
assigned profile and no changes are made as the chart is passed to the
printer driver.

Quite a few posters have said that this works seamlessly.  It makes sense to
me and the charts produced seem to match the ACPU charts with regards to
colour perfectly.

I'd appreciate anyone's opinion of this method.


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