[argyllcms] Re: DTP20 (Pulse) patch size error

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While this is no solace to anyone using the ACPU for Argyll targets what
appears to be happening is the ACPU tries to center the target set to the
selected paper size.  There is plenty of room for margins within the Argyll
generated TIFF file.  I just printed out a target using the ACPU and one
using Photoshop CS5 and you can see exactly what Philip has observed.  I'm
printing on US Letter size paper so excuse the inch units but here is what I
get.  PS CS5:  approximately 7x9 1/8 inches for the target set; ACPU:
approximately 6 5/8 x 8 3/4.  It's really quite difficult to measure with
any precision the difference in the patch width and height with a ruler
though one can extrapolate from the overall dimensions of the set that the
shrinkage (at least in my test) is about 2.7%.  Crudely, the PS CS5 patch
length is 10mm and the ACPU would be expected to be 9.8mm or a little less
which I cannot measure reliably as noted.  With an i1 Pro this did not
result in any errors in skipped reads; whether it results in actual reading
errors I cannot say as I would have to print targets out using CS4 (which
unfortunately is not on my computer any longer but I will have to
re-download from Adobe). 

As far as I know Adobe has not taken any action to address this matter.
I'll repost on Luminous Landscape where some of the Adobe engineers
participate to see if there are any plans to do so.

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I tried various page margin adjustments with the -m parameter, but ACPU
still shrank the chart and always by the same amount....hence my
frustration.  Actually the problem is a well documented one and is actively
being discussed on various forums.

Regards - Phil
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Philip Reed wrote:
> in Photoshop CS5 and completely disable colour management. A solution is
> use the Adobe Color Print Utility.  However, I've found that this utility
> does not seem to print the chart 1 to 1 but shrinks it a little.  I tried

        that's rather a problem, since the sole purpose of Adobe C.P.U.
(ACPU) is
to print test charts ! Have you tried altering the page margin that
allows, using the -m parameter ? It's possible that ACPU is scaling the test
chart to fit it within the printable area (although this would be unhelpful
behavior for a test chart print application - it should always crop rather
than scale).

Perhaps it's worth raising this issue with Adobe on one of
their forums, or on the Apple Colorsync list ?

Graeme Gill.

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