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Actually, I like eciRGBv2 because its transfer function is L*, so closer to
May not make an iota of a difference but that makes me "feel" good about it.

Having said that (don't you love it when folks throw in a "having said that"
in a conversation? It gives them an aura of authority they don't
deserve...), my bread and butter RGB working space remains sRGB. 

My very humble experience is leading me to believe that there are very few
instances of saturated colors in photographs or every day pictorials? Which
makes me wonder why all the fuss about "preserving at all costs" every bit
of color space with a wide gamut RGB profile.
I wouldn't risk a statistic but I wouldn't be surprised if 70% of all
pictures taken today, professionally or not, feature people?
If that's the case, we all know that sRGB is more than enough to "preserve"
flesh and that ProPhoto or AdobeRGB are overkills.

A long time ago, I made some tests on my kids, under natural light, using my
lowly Nikon D100's built-in color profiles, not using RAW but rendered
JPEGS, and the result was, without hesitation, sRGB over AdobeRGB. I agree
this is a model-specific issue and it may or may not mean anything for other
camera models. At any rate, shooting in RAW with the D100 was out of the

Having said all that (ha! Ha!), I am still disappointed that Mr Adobe
refuses to open up Lightroom to any RGB ICC profile. That is SO dumb on
their part? Just the exact same reluctance to add an Lch readout option in
Photoshop's Info palette...

/ Roger

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Well then Roger ... I guess that's the end of the debate?  Somehow I don't
think you're entirely convinced :).


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Many moons ago, Bruce Lindbloom demonstrated mathematically that g2.2 was
better than 1.8 for everything.

/ Roger

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