[argyllcms] Re: Conversion of spectral file to .cie

  • From: Elle Stone <ellestone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 20:15:21 -0400

On 10/14/2016 07:09 PM, edmund ronald wrote:


 The real use, I find, for measuring a CC24 is for screen and print
profiles, to check them visually one needs an image file with the measured
chart values rather than generic.
 This applies to the bunch of us on list of course, probably not to the
general population ...
 In past experiments I found by writing my own profiler in Matlab that CC24
is useful for deriving accurate primaries in situ in mixed light; I
wouldn't use it for a generic profile myself.
 I do wish camera makers provided a file tag with spectral sensitivity
curves :)

Hi Edmund,

Your uses of the CC24 seem indeed useful. I think a lot of people use the CC24 to make a profile for each shooting session, yes?

Personally I use the Wolfe IT8 target chart for making a general purpose camera input profile, as the Wolfe charts are affordable and make decent profiles. Some day I would like to try using the "many patch" CC (sorry, I forget what it's called).

The OP's original request was for how to "convert spectral reference file that came with ColorChecker Passport to .cie file [to be used] with scanin". Even if this information won't actually help him produce a better general purpose camera input profile, it would be nice if someone could tell him how to do what he's trying to do. I don't know the answer or I would have already told him.

I've been strenuously objecting to the idea that no one should ever bother to make a general purpose camera input profile, but instead should use RPP profiles. Suggesting to use RPP profiles is perhaps good advice for some people, and especially for people who already run MAC and don't understand anything about making camera input profiles. But the OP clearly doesn't fall into either of these categories.


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