[argyllcms] Re: Compatibility with i1 (Eye One) Display Pro 3 retail and OEM?

  • From: Kristian Jörg <krjg@xxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 09:12:42 +0100

Graeme Gill skrev 2012-01-30 23:53:
Kristian Jörg wrote:
Well, there is not much in depth information. But this is a fair description of what is going on:
Taken as read, their comments are incorrect/misleading. I have it on
very good authority that each and every i1d3 is individually calibrated
at the factory, and proof of this in examining the two devices that
I have (they have different spectral sensitivity curve calibration data).

Yes, the display calibration files are the same for each unit, but
you won't do any better than than unless you measure your
actual display spectra, and the I don't think ChromaPure
is offering to do that for you :-)

It sounds like they are adding an additional matrix like correction
to the output - ie, the same as any other colorimeter type
calibration, and not actually taking advantage of the spectral
characterisation that is the main feature of the i1d3.

I have my doubts as to how worthwhile this is, given that
it will depend on both the instrument and the display,
while the inbult i1d3 calibration separates these two
things out.

They sound like they are also supplying extra .edr files,
but it's not entirely clear.

Graeme Gill.
I've gotten a reply from Tom Huffman, author (I think) of Chromapure. The calibrations they supply as part of the PRO offering is RGBW CIE xy values for a number of displays. I.e Samsung, Sony and LG LCD with different types of backlight, plasma and projector off-screen and off-lens. These values are also documented in a report that from what I understand is human readable. I guess these figures are taken on top of the device own calibration. So as it seems they are providing generic display oriented correction and by that reducing dE errors resulting from input errors from a max of 6 to 3 on all these supported display types.

As these types of displays are typically not what I will be using when phot editing (I have a PVA display and a white led backlight display) I am unsure if they offer any benefits for Argyll use... Can these RGBW-values be used as a correction profile for Argyll, and are they of any use?

I would seem that the PRO offering is indeed useful for the Chromapure software when using the i1d3 meter on on of these supported displays in Home Theater calibration. But for Argyll? No, it seems...

Tom also said that "The standard meter has three basic read modes; CRT, LCD, and ambient". This is what you get without the PRO offering from CP.
As I read this: http://www.argyllcms.com/doc/i1d3ccss.html it would seem the meter come with 5 different profiles. May I ask what those profiles are? Now why are they not in Toms' list for the standard offering? I thought I had it all figured, but this confuses me...

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