[argyllcms] Colour profiles in Vista and how are they used?

  • From: Ross Marchant <geometrikal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 21:02:36 +1000

Hi all,I've just calibrated two monitors with Argyllcms and got two .icm colour 
profiles. I installed the profiles with dispwin -I "..."  and loaded them into 
the video card with dispwin -L. The screens changed and everything looks 
fantastic, but I really would like to know how these .icm profiles are used in 
Vista. Firstly, when vista starts, even though the .icm profiles are set as 
default for each screen they start off with what looks like a linear profile 
and I have to use dispwin to reload them. From what I have read this is a 
bug?Secondly, how do profile aware apps like Adobe Lightroom change .icm 
profile? Do they adjust the picture because of it? If I use dispwin -c to clear 
the video lut and then load lightroom, would lightroom make adjustments for the 
.icm profile? If the video lut was already loaded with the profile, would 
lightroom still make changes to the picture and therefore distort it? I notice 
that Lightroom does apply some sort of colour correction to the picture, this 
especially noticeable when moving Lightroom between monitors as you see the 
picture looking a bit wrong (previous monotor calibration?) then half a second 
later some adjustment is applied and it looks fine (adjusted with this 
monitor's *.icm taken into account?)Thirdly, in the advanced tab of the Color 
Managment dialog, should Viewing conditions profile be set to System Default 
(WCS profile for ICC viewing conditions) ?I'm sorry if this post is a little 
off topic but I couldn't find the answers anywhere else and I figured this 
forum would be sure to know. Thanks to the creators for the great software! Is 
there a tray app for windows to load the profiles, run a simple calibration 
etc? I was thinking of making one.
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