[argyllcms] Color management in Firefox (was: Re: Color management in google chrome)

  • From: Chris Lilley <chris@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:22:39 +0200

Graeme wrote:
>> Firefox uses a rather broken CMM library though.

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, 11:01:35 AM, George wrote:
GP> Can you please say more about this? In what respects is Firefox's
GP> CM broken? In my informal tests, and judging results on a monitor
GP> that only covers the gamut of sRGB, Firefox seems to perform the
GP> same as any color-managed application. It does the right thing for
GP> images that are tagged with a different color space than sRGB, unlike 

The sad story of Color management in Firefox is:

- implemented with lcms, but disabled, in 3.0

- enabled in 3.1


- lcms removed in 3.5, allegedly due to an lcms security flaw.
  Code size and performance turn out to be the actual reasons.
  Replaced by a Moz-specific library, qcms, with minimal v.2 support and no v.4 

Mozilla mention that this "may result in images being too dark". Yeah, and many 
other problems.

Firefox 3.5 to current (14a1) use qcms

- qcms gets hacked to handle some v.4 profiles by removing the version number 
check and pretending they are v.2 ;)

Benoit Girard  starts working on qcms in 2011

- qcms support for (some of) v.4 added, but disabled, in nightly builds

To recap:
lcms covered all of ICC v.2 and some ICC v.4
qcms covered some of ICC v.2
lcms2 covers all all of ICC v.2 and v.4

Relevant Firefox bugs, from when it was using lcms:

Bug 466776 - Monitor icc profile should be ignored when printing with color 

Relevant Firefox bugs, after moving to qcms:

Bug 488800 - qcms doesn't support ICC version 4 

Bug 538114 - qcms doesn't support LUT ICCv2 profiles (both LAB & XYZ) 

Bug 500404 - qcms' bogus profile detection sometimes has false positives 

Bug 586195 - Colour management when veiwing web pages has stopped working with 
wide gamut monitors 

Bug 656676 - Fallback to sRGB monitor profile doesn't work as documented 

Bug 673639 - Color management with specified ICC profile does not work. 

Bug 677077 - Color management does not respect multiple monitors 

Bug 678324 - Rendering intent is ignored completely during color management 

Bug 679527 - qcms performance regression from Fx3 using LUT ICC profile 

Bug 693179 - Enabling ICC version 4 color management on Fx8+ causes lagging 
video frames during video playback of embedded Flash videos. 

Bug 709732 - double color correction with X Color Management 

It should also be noted that this color management applies only to raster 
images, not to other page elements (such as colors specified using CSS).

  "It is used when decoding images. There is currently no plans to expand this 
to the rest of the rendering in the near future."

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