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  • From: Florian Höch <lists+argyllcms@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 20:33:49 +0200

Yes, but when it comes to image editing and viewing, high contrast is not all that important or favourable. If your viewing environment is very bright, it might be good to achieve high contrast and brightness. But too high contrast can even be dangerous, as it pronounces banding and other image artifacts (today, we have 8-bit and 256 levels per channel, and the higher the contrast, the larger the steps between each level become).

In short: Do not look at contrast too thoroughly when choosing a display for image editing. Viewing angle (in terms of coulor stability not the useless contrast measurement used in advertising today) is much more important, which might be the reason why all high-end LCD monitors use some kind of IPS technology.



Frédéric schrieb:
On jeudi 14 août 2008, Roger Breton wrote:

"I also read that S-PVA are as good as IPS, and sometimes better."

It seems that they are more and more used, instead of IPS.
Tous les hauts de gamme Eizo sont du type S-IPS et IPS.

Oui, mais les dalles IPS semlent avoir un contraste plus faible :


"En résumé : les écrans équipés de dalles TN et PVA se valent depuis peu en contraste, avec des taux mesurés qui atteignent 1000:1. Puis vient la technologie MVA, et derrière l'IPS qui souffre traditionnellement de noirs délavés, ce qui justifie le passage progressifs des professionnels de l'image de l'IPS au PVA."

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