[argyllcms] Re: Beta RGB As a Color Workspace

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I really don't use Photoshop all that much but I don't understand this.  You
can leave your image in ProPhoto all the way until you decide what the
destination is.  I never worry about soft proofing for the web and just use
the LR web tool to create galleries for my website.  For printing the soft
proof is the final stage and I do this in LR now that it has that ability.
Prior to LR 4, I did go to Photoshop to soft proof but returned to LR for


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Whenever a conversion is required it should presumably not be done "blind".
Before opening the image in Photoshop, or exporting it to a tif or psd,
surely we should do a soft-proof and verify that we will not clip colors.

I like opening the image into Photoshop as a raw Smart Object because if any
of the colors are clipped in any color space conversion, it's very easy and
safe to go into the SO and correct it.  As the raw image itself is not
changed, no damage is done.


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