[argyllcms] Re: Beta RGB As a Color Workspace

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It's important to distinguish the color space in LR vs the external editor
such as Photoshop.  To my knowledge, LR is only ProPhoto.  The Preference
tag you mention is only when the image is exported.  For those of us who
keep our images in LR (and I don't like your characterization of this as
'keeping things simple for simple photographers'; this is pejorative and
there are certainly lots of great photographers who are now limiting their
use of Photoshop with all the recent advances in the LR editing engine),
ProPhoto is the only available color space.



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Pictus wrote:

<< Now can use any color space, it is not limited any more.>>

Unfortunately not yet.  If you go into Lightroom, Edit/Preferences/External
Editing, you will see that the only choices are sRGB, Adobe RGB or ProPhoto
RGB. This limitation has been removed in ACR 8.5.


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