[argyllcms] Re: Beta RGB As a Color Workspace

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Funny that you posted to LuLa first as I was thinking about doing so as well
when this discussion on the Argyll listserve first started  Unfortunately I
got side tracked by the World Cup matches!  :)


I understand where some of this is coming from but I'm unsure that that in
the end it makes much of a difference.  I've been quite content using
Lightroom as my principle photo editing program with occasional trips to
Photoshop as necessary.  I've read through all the LuLa postings as well as
the ones posted here and it's not clear in the end whether some of what is
being discussed is visible in prints under normal viewing conditions which
is my main criteria.  There is also some pretty vehement disagreement
between folks who are far more skilled than I am about which approach is
better (I'm just a humble chemist).  I find that the one Jeff Schewe
outlines in his two books 'The Digital Negative' and 'The Digital Print'
work well and were pretty much what I was doing prior to the books being




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Alan & Pascal,


I'm afraid that the Luminous Landscape discussion is my fault :).  Why don't
you join in? I could do with some moral support (Graeme has thrown in a
couple of punches).



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