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Thanks Ben,

What raw converter do you use?  I've used Capture One and which is pretty
good (and also the Canon raw convert) - but Lightroom is a very useful
program, not just for raw conversion.  However ... the most important part
is the raw conversion, so I'm not stuck fast to Lightroom!

As for ImagePROGRAPH ... I use HP and Epson printers unfortunately.
However, I can print using Photoshop CS4, which allows printing with Color
Management turned off.  Workflow getting complicated!!

BTW ... I had a look at the Epson Enhanced Matte profile and it's the size
of an acorn, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  It certainly isn't a
paper I ever intend to use (I had some lying around so I used it to do some
learning on).


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> How does the Adobe color management suck?

Direct conversion from one profile to another within the app isn't so bad,
but you can do better with Argyll. Photoshop's gamut warning tool is pretty
useful. Soft proofing can be <i>much</i> better done with Argyll -- just
convert the image to your printer's space, and then open that file in
Photoshop as normal. If you like what you see, send it to the printer
without any further color transformations (which can be a real bitch with
Photoshop, but is thankfully trivial with Canon's ImagePROGRAPH print

But my biggest complaint with Adobe's color management is the horrific mess
they make of RAW photo processing. It's just completely hopeless from the
get-go and at every step of the way. If you like the "look" it gives you,
great...but if you don't, welcome to the rabbit hole....


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