[argyllcms] Aw: Re: Instrument Access Failed

  • From: "Lars-Daniel Weber" <Lars-Daniel.Weber@xxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 06:45:06 +0200


Graeme Gill wrote:

Pressing "any other key" to retry breaks immediately. There's no second
change to
retry. Also, everything up to this point is lost. I can't restart "dispcal"
at the
point it stopped. That's very bad.

Can you add some kind of "resume from the last test" after the error occurs?
Since I'm not moving the device and the timespan between error and resume would
be very short, there shouldn't be any problems.

Also, my i1 has to re-calibrate on every calibration. Isn't there a way to store
the calibration values? I have to remove it from the screen and have to place it
on the calibration spot (did it 4 times last night). I'm afraid it will break
sametimes :)

Add -D8 and capture the stderr to a file, i.e.:
dispcal -v -D8 -qm -yl -t6500 -g2.2 -p.5,.5,2 calfile 2> log.txt
and email me (i.e. NOT the list) the log.txt file of a failure.

Okay, I'll try this later.


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