[argyllcms] Re: Autotools again...

  • From: "Alastair M. Robinson" <blackfive@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 00:10:16 +0100


Stefan Döhla wrote:

Actually, I've created a similar package. It was somehow hard to do

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this particular itch :)

the jam-specific things, but I hope, I did my best. Another thing to
mention is, that I had to do some source changes because I wanted to have
every dir in Argyll as an extra library.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean, but I'm downloading it now, so I'll take a look...

Please have a look at it. I tried to make it as much GNU-style as
possible. The sources were pretty much untouched - except changing
header locations and moving few files because of inter-dependencies.

Yes, the circular dependency between spectro and xicc caused me some headaches!

It should work on all i386 Linux-systems - and partially with MinGW.
As soon as I have spare time, I'd like to make it work with the MinGW
suite on Win32.

My version fails to build on Win32 too. I need to figure out why it's not building DLLs, and allow for X-less building...

One issue: the "sort" binary conflicts with standard UNIX-sort - this
should be renamed to something else ...

Graeme? Is this a user program, or just a test for some aspect of the library? If the latter, we can simply not install it...

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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