[argyllcms] Autotools again...

  • From: "Alastair M. Robinson" <blackfive@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 14:03:09 +0100


I know this has been discussed before, but as Argyll currently stands there are two complains from Linux users:

JAM, whatever its merits, is an alien tool for most Linux users, who are used to a standard ./configure && make && make install process for source-based packages.

The other complaint is that the source Zip file has no top-level directory, which has caused more than one of us to expand a load of hard-to-identify files into our home directories!

Anyway, rather than just moan about this, I've done something about it! :)

Stephen Tweedie spent some time a few months ago creating a preliminary autotools patch for Argyll, and I've continued his work somewhat; the package is at least complete enough now that "make dist" produces a working tarball...

Anyone who's interested in the autotools version as it stands can find it at:

Currently it has the following advantages:
Expands into a suitable top-level directory. :)
Standard ./configure && make && make install steps to build and install.
Automatically uses system-wide libtiff. (Reduced tarball size by removing built-in libtiff)
Creates Argyll's libraries as shared, and links the tools with them (reduces overall footprint)
Installs reference targets and charts in $PREFIX/share/argyll/

There's still work to be done; I'd like to remove the icc and cgats libs from the main tarball, and make them dependencies. They would be replaced by individual tarballs, which would install the required includes, and suitable pkgconfig files.

If you want to make this avialable for download on the main Argyll download page that would be great, otherwise I'll leave it in my own webspace and create a page for it. I'm perfectly willing to maintain it.

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson

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