[argyllcms] Re: ArgyllCMS: shadow details and blue color issues. What I'm doing incorrectly?

  • From: Nikolay Pokhilchenko <nikolay_po@xxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 23:10:11 +0400

By the way: try to generate new image (by printtarg) for Your instrument type 
and print the target with ACPU without opening the image by something else. 
Please, use -D key for printtarg.
I'm not sure that Your editing software didn't convert pixel values while 
opening and saving.

Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:32:29 +0200 ÐÑ "Xavi" <aruiz@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>Hi Nikolay.
>Thank you for doing a ti3 file forÂmeÂto try to 
check that everything is correct on my case.
>I have resized a little your tiff file because I have a 
colormunki and the size of the patches were too small.
>The patch 29,14,50 [Lab] is out of gamut but the original 
patch that I print is diferent. The original was the blue color patch of the 
simulation color checker chart: 29,14,-50 [Lab]
>I haven't modified the colors of your file. Only the size to 
be read with CM.
>I have printed yout test4.tif using the ACPU utility from 
Adobe and exactly the same media settings (I have recorded them as a preset). 
The test target was also printed with ACPU. I use ACPU because after some 
seems that ACPU prints different than the PS CS4 disabling color 
>I have let dry for about 8 hours and I have read it using 
the same spectroÂthat was used for reading the test patches, and on strip 
>The results of the verify.exe command 
>..\..\verify.exe -v -D 
test4_grans_ACPU_2.ti3 Test4_fakeread.
>No of test patches = 
>1: 55.685061 1.050502 1.474861 
<=> 50.000000 -0.000200 -0.000300Â de 5.966573
>2: 50.098214 15.311162 47.347346 
<=> 46.397000 13.620000 42.779000Â de 6.117908
>3: 83.059447 2.768188 76.146682 
<=> 82.000000 4.000400 80.000000Â de 4.181966
>4: 43.876601 14.647638 20.301919 
<=> 38.000000 14.000000 14.000000Â de 8.641068
>No of test patches in worst 10% 
are = 0
>No of test patches in best 90% 
are = 4
>Verify results:
>Â Total errors:ÂÂÂÂ peak = 8.641068, avg = 
>Â Worst 10% errors: peak = 0.000000, avg = 
> Best 90% errors: peak = 8.641068, avg = 
>Are the expected results? If not, when do you think that can 
be the issue?
>I attach the used ti3 file.
>Thank you for your appreciate help.
>Best Regards,
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ArgyllCMS: shadow details and blue color issues. What I'm doing 
>Wed, 24 Oct 2012 02:06:02 +0200 "Xavi" wrote:
>>Then, on Photoshop I create 4 
  rectangles, that I fill, one by one, with the
>>RGB values obtained. I save 
  them on Tiff format and I print the file with
>>the same program and the same 
  printing options that I have used to print the
  chart.Hello, Xavi!
>I think You can 
introduce the error at this stage because there may be a difference between 
AgyllCMS chart image generation and the Photoshop.
>Try to print the target in 
attached Test4.zip the same way as You have printed the targets for 
>Then read the chart the same way as 
You've read MP_B01_396p64g3bArgyllv140_121011.ti3 (I'd recommend the reading in 
the strip mode, not patch-by-patch).
>After reading, compare the 
>verify.exe -v Test4.ti3 Test4_fakeread.ti3
>And You'll see 
actual workflow errors.
>By the way, the patch 29.000000 14.000000 
50.000000 [Lab] is out-of-gamut for Your printer. You can't check the tolerance 
by out-of-gamut colors. So, it's Lab value was replaced by the nearest possible 
(by xicclu -fif then -ff): 46.397 13.620 42.779 


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