[argyllcms] Argyll vs. manufacturer's profile

  • From: Uli Oertel <uli.oertel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 10:00:16 +0200


Recently I profiled my new R3880 with ArgyllCMS for Epson Premium glossy photo paper. I did this as reference experiment since a former profile for Ilford Gold Fibre Silk led to some questions.

The gamuts of both the Argyll and standard epson profile were very close to each other (wrl files created with the argyll tools and viewed with cortona viewer).

The new profile seems to be good, the print preview in Photoshop matched the real print very well.

However, comparing both print and print preview (I did it with Colour Confidence RGB Media Evaluation Chart, in AdobeRGB1998) obtained with the corresponding epson profile discovered some significant differences in the blues: These printed with the argyll profile show some pink huey, these of the epson profile are more clean and saturated. Some smaller differences in the greens are visible, too.

I compared these test prints with another one 2 years ago printed with the R2400 and a profile created with Argyll (1.2.1):
The blues are between the blues of the two R3880 profiles under discussion.

What are the reasons?

Best regards


1. 441 patch test chart in order to obtain a rough profile, chart measured with EFI 1000 (EyeOne Pro, Rev. D) 2. By means of this rough profile: with xicclu I created 187 test patches (target was 200, 13 clipped) around grey axis, Delta E around 2.5;
3. By means of the rough profile I created a 1577 patch ti1-file
4. Added the grey patches from step 2 to the 1577 patches from step 3
5. created test chart with1764 patches
6. Measured the charts after 24 hours (2 measurements, avg DeltaE 0.1115, max DeltaE 0.4952) 7. Created profile ( -v -A"Epson" -M"R 3880" -D"" -C"U. Oertel" -qh -y -r0.5 -S""D:\Arg\Profilierungen\AdobeRGB1998.icc"" -cmt -dpp "1764BWopt_avg")

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