[argyllcms] Re: Argyll V1.3.4 released

  • From: adam k <aak1946@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 20:14:52 -0400

Are these new options by argyllGUI?

A Kielcz

On Sep 1, 2011, at 8:05 PM, Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm pleased to announce the release of ArgyllCMS V1.3.4. This update adds new
> features as well as containing minor bug fixes. Amongst the changes are:
>  Support for the X-Rite i1 Display Pro and ColorMunki Display colorimeters 
> (i1d3).
>  While these instruments seem to be quite good without specific display 
> calibration,
>  they can benefit from it, so a new type of Argyll colorimeter calibration 
> file has
>  been created (CCSS) to support the type of calibration these instruments use.
>  ccmxmake has been renamed to ccxxmake and support added for creating CCCS 
> calibration
>  files using a spectrometer instrument. A new tool called i1d3ccss allows the 
> calibration
>  files that come with the instruments to be translated into CCSS files and 
> installed.
>  A CRT calibration is provided, something that is missing from the 
> manufacturers set.
>  Non-1931 2 degree observer support has been added for these instruments, 
> taking advantage
>  of the type of calibration they use.
>  The gamut finding code has been improved so as to deal more robustly with 
> small
>  and odd shaped device gamuts.
>  The Spyder driver on Linux has been tweaked to work around device and Linux 
> bugs,
>  and may work more reliably through USB hubs.
>  Printtarg has been modified to allow variable patch size for the DTP20.
>  An option has been added to colprof to allow setting the default profile 
> rendering intent.
> The full list of changes is in the log.txt file as usual.
> Graeme Gill.

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