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I am going to be away this week. So I'll work on getting it to work better on 
the mac next week. I have an old mac with X.3 on make a version on for this 

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Gerhard Gaußling wrote:
> I hope you'll soon announce your Mac Os X version universial 
> binary ;), because I only have access to a i1pro and DTP94b on a ppc 
> Mac 10.4.11. 

I've managed to build an Mac OS 10.5 / Intel version based on 
argyllCMSGUI 1.0.9. It requires wxWidgets and propgrid macud dylib's. 
It's available on Steve's Page <www.digifab.com/ArgyllCMSGUI>.

There is also a statically linked OS 10.5 / Intel build based on Steve's 
1.0.10 source code available at 
(no external libraries required)
The makefile is here 

Both versions have several glitches.

I did not manage to build an universal propgrid library (no problem with 
wxWidgeds, but propgrid is recalcitrant).


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