[argyllcms] Argyll, ColorMunki & dual display

  • From: 9vz5a9fmmm@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 07:18:42 +0000


First, ArgyllCMS is a really great set of tools and I'm absolutely impressed 
with it!  Combined with dispcalGUI this is some powerful stuff!  My hats off to 
all who made it work, I will be putting my money where my mouth is shortly and 
contributing to both projects.

I have a few questions about ArgyllCMS, under Linux/Ubuntu 9.10:

1.  How "well" does the ColorMunki+ current ArgyllCMS work for A) LCD 
Calibration B)  Print Calibration?

I'd like to buy a calibration device (mostly for display calibration) and I'm 
thinking either ColorMunki or DTP-94b.  My LCD displays are currently not the 
newer wide-gamut, but I feel if I'm buying a calibration device, I should get 
one that's future proof.  And, if I need to calibrate my printer, the Munki 
looks like the best reasonable option.

ColorMunki is a spectrophotometer, and DTP is a colorimeter, so my naive 
thinking says the Munki should be better all around (accuracy, stability), both 
for display profiling and output measurement.

2.  Does anyone have dual-display working with a "dual" color calibrated setup? 
 Can you tell me what video card and configuration (TwinView, Xinerama, XRandR) 
works for you?

I currently use an nVidia video card in "Twinview" mode (DVI+HDMI outputs), and 
I understand TwinView does NOT let one load LUTs *per display*.  So I'm 
contemplating a low-power dual-output ATI video card (Radeon 4xxx or 5xxx 
series) which I've heard DOES let you load LUTs per display/monitor.

However I'm not sure independent LUT per display is valid if you're using ATI's 
equivalent of TwinView or if you're using XRandR1.2 or if you must use 
Xinerama, etc.  Any data points here would be greatly appreciated.

3.  Is anyone successfully using their ICC profile with programs running under 

I have this dream of using CS4/CS5 color managed under Linux.  I've read some 
posts from people saying WINE does honor the ICC environment setting.


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