[argyllcms] Re: Am I stupid or is it something else... my color management sucks.

  • From: Magnus Berg <magnus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 22:49:20 +0200

New try with a new Spyder 3, but still not satisfied.

dispcalGUI run this:
dispcal -v -d1 -c1 -yl -P0.474187380497,0.455830388693,1.0 -qh -t6500.0 -b140.0 -gs -f0.0 -a13.8 -k0.0 -A4.0 -B0.5 colprof -v -qh -aX

I got a perfect greyscale. From black to withe with all tones. But the calibration gave a red cast to some tones on the screen. The color #BEBEBE for instance. I got that color in my filemanager and then I take a screenshot it showed up perfect, as I can se it, in Gimp. Then I look at the vitpunkt.tif and svartpunkt.tif (Swedish for whitepoint and blackpoint - it shows neutral tones from tone 255 to 244 and tone 0 to 22 - download here http://www.profiler.nu/filer/Skarm.zip ) I see red casts in some of the tones. This occur both in color managed Gimp and in not color managed applications.

And then I locket at pictures in Gimp and Geeqie they looked the same but in Firefox then look like in not color managed applications. I must say that in Gimp and Geeqie most of the color has disappeared, the colors looks out washed. My pictures have never looked so dull. But I suppose that it can be alright, and that it is something wrong with Firefox. I read the little discussion here about different profiles. I chosed to do a 'XYZ LUT + MATRIX' profile.

Color management will soon drive me nuts. There are questions like can I trust the Spyder 3 and have I set up color management right in Gimp and Geegie. In Gimp I have done like this:
Mode of operation:* Color managed display
*RGB profile:* None
*CMYK profile:* None
*Monitor profile:* None
/Try to use the system monitor profile/ = *Yes*
*Display rendering intent:* Perceptual
*Print simulation profile:* None
*Softproof redering intent:* Perceptual
/Mark out of gamut colors/ (grey) = *No*
*File Open behaviour:* Ask what to do

Is that alright? And that about the Spyder 3, does it seems that it help me, or should I send it back and wait until I can afford a spectrometer, after that I first have payed my fancy but possibly wrong calibrated and therefore useless monitor? ;-)

Now I will go to bed and cry myself to sleep...


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