[argyllcms] Re: A few questions + an idea for spyd2.c (this time even more useless than before!)

  • From: howdy555@xxxxxxxxx
  • To: Graeme Gill <argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 08:35:03 +0100

If anyone has missed the excellent Nikolay's testing workflow:


>> This would also make a good addition to the documentation which does
>> not tell anything about the sensible range of DE
> It's very variable, depending on the details. Some well behaved devices
> may give averages < 1 and peaks < 2, while things like xerographic printers
> might be average 6, peak 15

That is exactly what I was thinking about! This sentence would make a perfect
addition to the help file!

> [...]so it's hard to give much guidance.

You have just given an excellent one :).

> I was going to look into some details, such as when the transcnt or
> intclks is zero, and whether is is some integration time that guarantees
> at least two transitions.

Please pay close attention to sensv[4] :)

> There are some affordable and quite good charts available,
> and US$10 is not that expensive: <http://www.targets.coloraid.de/>,

Are these fully supprted by Argyll?

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