[archmach] Re: Siggraph get-together

  • From: Craig_Reynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: archmach@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 10:35:52 -0700

This scheduling problem is way over-constrained.  Even if it was not
SIGGRAPH week, even if we were all local, getting this many people's
schedules to line up is nearly impossible.  My wife and I will be
staying at the Boston Marriott Copley Place and will have a car.  Yet
carving out a whole afternoon from that over-scheduled week seems
unlikely, so you (Eric) should not put much weight on scheduling around
my lack of availability.

Nonetheless, for concreteness: I will be in Boston from late on the 28th
until late on the 3rd.  July 28-30 are largely used up by Sandbox
(http://sandboxsymposium.org/), a journal editorial board meeting and
perhaps CCS (http://www.aurorasoft.net/symposiums/ccs06/).  I already
have a commitment on the evening of the 31st and probably the 1st and
2nd.  SIGGRAPH papers run all day Monday through Thursday making those
days pretty busy for me.

Joseph Goldstone wrote:
> ...It would be good to get this nailed down soon so we can deal with 
> any conflicts with the Electronic Theater (oh, sorry, "Computer 
> Animation Festival").

You young whipper-snappers!  I remember when it was called the "film
show".  In the early days (~1978), after showing a few reels from well
known contributors, the organizer/projectionist would shout out "did
anyone else bring something to show?"

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