[archmach] Re: Siggraph get-together

  • From: Paul Pangaro <pan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 08:06:49 -0700

hah. i hear confirmed again and again that 'larry' [yes, THE larry] looks at every resume. every one. any attempt to scoff at this to employees is met with a patronizing, saddened look that says, 'you don't know how it works in googleland'

this is true! about every six months google actually emails me, or calls me on the phone to get me to send my resume and then I hear zip. this is sad because finally have competency, will take suicide assignments, and at a thrifty price with less degrees than some of you.

--- Ann

On Jun 27, 2006, at 10:10 PM, Kenneth Sloan wrote:

Paul Pangaro writes:
hey, how come gobs of 25-year olds can get jobs at GOOG but one
long-ago staff researcher at negroponte's lab cannot? i'm not making
an assumption about the age of anyone's son, but speaking from

um, he's 22.

answer in 25 words or less and the winner gets two desserts and a nice meal at a restaurant whose title is either french or a double-entendre

he's smart.

That's 2 (2.5?) words.

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