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you may be right. i thought it was my idea to order a second desert at the Banana, and i also recall andy being amazed and then pleased. i thought we ate at Les Amis other night. but it's a distant memory and easily made up

I got that phone call as well.

As I remember, the double desserts came about because the original plan was to eat dinner at Les Amis and then go for dessert at the Black Banana. We ended up eating dessert at both places. Or was that three desserts?

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1976 was philadelphia. we went there so we could stay in one of the hotel's that had the outbreak of Legionnaire's [sp?] Disease; we all got callbacks from the CDC about how we were feeling [i felt good about the SIGGRAPH conference, thanks]. i'll never forget the double desserts we ordered [and ate] at a restaurant called the Black Banana

as i see more names go buy i'm increasingly sorry not to be joining you

best regards to all


You young whipper-snappers!  I remember when it was called the "film
show".  In the early days (~1978), after showing a few reels from well
known contributors, the organizer/projectionist would shout out "did
anyone else bring something to show?"

Newbie. I remember when they made an announcement that "there's going to be a film show at XXX. If you brought anything to show, give it to me and we'll show it."

If memory serves, that was in Chicago, but I can't recall the year.
Must have been after 1976 (my first Siggraph).

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