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1976 was philadelphia. we went there so we could stay in one of the hotel's that had the outbreak of Legionnaire's [sp?] Disease; we all got callbacks from the CDC about how we were feeling [i felt good about the SIGGRAPH conference, thanks]. i'll never forget the double desserts we ordered [and ate] at a restaurant called the Black Banana

as i see more names go buy i'm increasingly sorry not to be joining you

best regards to all


You young whipper-snappers!  I remember when it was called the "film
show".  In the early days (~1978), after showing a few reels from well
known contributors, the organizer/projectionist would shout out "did
anyone else bring something to show?"

Newbie. I remember when they made an announcement that "there's going to be a film show at XXX. If you brought anything to show, give it to me and we'll show it."

If memory serves, that was in Chicago, but I can't recall the year.
Must have been after 1976 (my first Siggraph).

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