[archmach] Re: Let's get together on Sunday July 30.

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A little harried today, so sorry for not having it more together than I
would like.  But yes, I'm planning for Sunday evening somewhere.  I have
about 8 confirmed (and most others haven't RSVPed yet).  I'll find
someplace good, and I try to make sure that food is included.  

5:30 arrival will probably be fine, Delle, although you'll suddenly be
on east coast time and it will be more like 8:30 when you land - so I'll
make sure that there's a bunch of espresso martinis waiting for you.

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Is there a plan yet?

We arrive on Sunday the 30th around 5:30, so theoretically a dinner 
would be nice. If there is an afternoon plan, I can change the airline 
schedule, but I need to know soon,


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