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Other criteria:
You know what business Perkin Elmer in before they got big in life sciences.
You've debugged a mini computer using a folded paper tape, ideally with Bill 
Kelly at your side.
You know how to wirewrap a board or have tried to debug some undergrads 
wirewrap project, ideally with Bill Kelly by your side. 

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How do you know if you should be on this list?
If you had an account on Magic Six, certainly.  If Magic Four or earlier,
you're golden!
What was the name of the text editor whose releases were named after colors?
Who was Pamela, and why did Heckbert care?
If you ever used the "read_block" function on the (K)Ramtek frame buffer,
you belong!
Do you know what a TBC was?  Do you know how color is encoded in NTSC video?
Can you remember what the "organic air conditioning" was?
Do you know what sucked?
Can you navigate around Aspen, Colorado even though you've never been there?
Has your software ever gotten a "Bad luck fault"?

Probably "worked in Building 9" is good enough, right?

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