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  • From: Craig_Reynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 11:07:09 -0700

Chris Schmandt wrote:
> Hey, Craig, I have an old dictionary with your name in it!  I must 
> have inherited it from an office you'd been in just before I started.

Yeah, I've been wondering what happened to that...  A week ago I noticed
some dictionaries on a dusty corner of my bookshelf at home and wondered
how long it had been since I used one.  Between spell checkers and
online dictionaries, the hardcopy version is entering buggy-whip status.

> Your name came up in a patent litigation, about the definition of 
> "animation". The patent actually quoted one of your papers.  The 
> other side challenged my cred to talk about it.  I said "not only did 
> Craig do that work at ArcMac, I have his dictionary to prove it!". 
> A bit of a non-sequitor but it sure shut the lawyers up :-)

A while back I dealt with some patent lawyers about technology that went
back to my days at Symbolics Graphics Division.  Despite what seemed to
me like good evidence of prior art, the outcome was disappointing, with
the bad guys being paid off to avoid a trial.

(FYI in case you want to catch up I found the archive for this list at

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