Acupuncture and Trigger-points software

  • From: Frederik Schroyens <Frederik.Schroyens@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: archibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Archibel FreeLists)
  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 09:56:29 +0100

Dear friend,

Archibel has built a solid reputation by creating the world's widest 
acclaimed homeopathic software.
But did you know that we also offer leading edge programs for Acupuncture 
and Trigger-points?

All information on these softwares is now available on our website:

- 1.500 symptoms to suggest the important points
- text retrieval access to 40 reference works
- relevant info about the syndromes, the open points and the five elements
Click on:

- all information from the world authorities: Dr Jiao Shun-fa and Prof. 
Mingqing Zhu
- see the spectacular treatment of more than 100 specific complaints 
(speech disorders, hemiplegia, ...)
- including multimedia: video and pictures
Click on:

- an intuitive software program with more than 1.000 pictures and a slide show
- click on a painful area and get the list of related muscles with the 
Trigger Points location
- an interactive, fully searchable library for the myofascial dysfunctions 
(innervation, localization, stretching technique, etc.)
Click on:

4. International CALENDAR of Events
- the most accurate calendar related to acupuncture and trigger points.
- take this opportunity to add to your favorites at

Much more information about these three softwares is in fact available in 
SIX languages.
Find the language of your choice at: http://www.archibel/vhs

Enjoy the visit to our site!
Kindest regards,

Frederik Schroyens

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