[aravis] Release of Aravis 0.5.10

  • From: Emmanuel Pacaud <emmanuel.pacaud@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "aravis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <aravis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2017 08:34:12 +0200


I have released a new development version of Aravis,a LGPLv2+ gobject based library for the acquisition of video streams from Gigabit Ethernet or USB3 Genicam compliant digital cameras.


One important change in this release is a new parameter for GigEVision devices, which limits the number of packet resend requests. The default limit is 10% of the number of packets of one frame. This change hopefully avoid to flood the camera with resend requests it is not even able to handle.

Other changes are:

* camera: fix for PointGrey cmeras using AcquisitionFrameRateEnabled (Emmanuel)
* genicam: correctly implement integer mode of IntSwissKnife (Emmanuel)
* genicam: implementtion of pIndex, ValueIndexed, ValueDefault (Emmanuel)
* genicam: add Expression and Constant support to Converter and IntConverter (Emmanuel)
 * evaluator: implement ROUND function (Emmanuel)
 * evaluator: fix '~' precedence and associativity (Emmanuel)
 * gigevision: protocol fixes (Emmanuel)
* gigevision: improve connection stability under high pressure (Michael)
 * gigevision: avoid using the same port twice (Emmanuel)
 * gvdevice: implement packet-resend-ration limit (Emmanuel)
 * usb3vision: transfer size configuration fixes (Konstantin)
 * build: improve OSX and Windows support (Emmanuel)
 * build: improve build outside of source directory (Janito)
 * viewer: improve Pixel format to GstCaps conversion (Emmanuel)
* viewer: disable gtkglsink for now to avoid a crash when switching views (Emmanuel)
 * QA: extended code coverage (Emmanuel)
 * QA: make travis build on OSX (Emmanuel)



Code repository: https://github.com/AravisProject/aravis
Mailing list: http://www.freelists.org/list/aravis
Bug reports: https://github.com/AravisProject/aravis/issues
Blog: http://blogs.gnome.org/emmanuel/category/aravis/
COPR repository: https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/emmanuelp/Aravis/


git shortlog ARAVIS_0_5_9..ARAVIS_0_5_10

Emmanuel Pacaud (36):
     build: post release version bump
     viewer: screenshot update
     license: add GPL 2 license text
     license: distribute COPYING.LESSER
     license: revert adding GPL text
     tests: improve fake device code coverage
     tests: write_memory code coverage
     gvsp: correctly set payload type in data trailer
     gvcp: fix write register ack data index
     gv,uv: replace packed gcc attribute by #pragma pack
     gst: improve PixelFormat GstCaps conversion
     gvdevice: ignore invalid packet size
     gvdevice: don't unref interface_address
     gv: don't set allow_reuse in g_socket_bind calls
     evaluator: implement ROUND function
     tools: import symbolic icon rendering script
     git: ignore vgcore files
     git: ignore Makecache
     evaluator: implement integer mode
     gcintegernode: pIndex, ValueIndexed, ValueDefault support
     Copyright date update
     gcfloat: pIndex, ValueIndexed and ValueDefault support
     build: pkg.m4 update
     doc: arvgcvalueindexednode API
     all: fix conditional usb3 headers in arv.h
     gcconverter: Expression and Constant support
     evaluator: fix '~' operator precedence and associativity
     build: don't use sched_ API on __APPLE__
     travis: build on OSX
     fakecamera: avoid use of non portable clock_gettime
     cpp: avoid warning in header
     gvstream: add packet-request-ratio property
     travis: don't allow failure on OSX
     camera: fix PointGrey device use of AcquisitionFrameRateEnabled
     viewer: disable gtkglsink for now, it makes viewer crash
     readme: file update

Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho (1):
     build: use builddir for arvenumtypes.{c,h}

Konstantin Schauwecker (1):
     usb3vision: workaround for wrong leader and trailer sizes

Michael Vollert (1):
     gvcp: flush socket receive buffers before sending new commands

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