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A Reminder to our Train Hobby Friends
Central Arkansas Model Railroad Club (CAMRC) 
Club website:  www.artrains.org
Date of Event: October 15, 2011
First Showing of Lionel-based Train Layout in Conway
            A 12x14-feet, Lionel-based train layout featured in a national 
train hobby magazine will be shown for the first time in Conway on Saturday, 
October 15, 9 to 3, at a free Train Open House at the McGee Center at 3800 
College Avenue. This Train Open House event will be the third of four quarterly 
events sponsored by the Central Arkansas Model Railroad Club (CAMRC) during 
this calendar year.
            The layout is comprised of four platforms joined in a 
staggered-offset pattern. It’s too big to fit inside a spare room of a typical 
house. Train hobbyists and families with youngsters interested in O-gauge model 
railroading will be encouraged to operate the layout hands-on, including some 
of the action accessories, such as log dump cars, a barrel loader, a sawmill, 
and other fun-to-activate accessories.
            The layout was built in Arkansas by hobbyists with an interest in 
O-gauge, three-rail toy trains. For visual variety, trains on the layout will 
be changed in two-hour shifts with Rock Island steam and diesel trains, THOMAS 
trains, and the Hogwarts Express train from the Harry Potter movies.
            Other attractions of this event include
        * The large HO-scale layout of the Crooked Rail Model RR Club in Little 
        * CAMRC HO-scale layout. A new CAMRC module designed and built by 
clubmembers Mike Mottler and Don Hansen of Conway will be included for the 
first time. That module includes mountain peaks, a deep canyon with a realistic 
waterfall, and a mountainside gold mine. A two-track railroad bridge spans the 
        * A Marx Train layout by Jack Adams of Conway will be in action
        * a small N-scale layout will be shown
        * fascinating miniature menagerie with animated carnival rides will be 
presented in Conway for the first time. 
            Families can bring their HO trains to the event and run them as a 
guest engineer on this layout designed and built by members of the club. The 
trains can be of any brand but must be in good operating condition. Visitors 
can also enter a free raffle for a chance to win train-related prizes, and 
“talk trains” with local experts. Youngsters may also participate in a 
train-related scavenger hunt and search for details in layout scenes, such as: 
“How many bicycles are parked at Miss Bettie’s Diner?” A sweet prize will be 
offered to all who correctly identify ten items. 
            For more information about the model railroading hobby and CAMRC 
activities, visit the club’s website: www.artrains.org.

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