[ar_model_train_lovers] Important Information - CAMRC Monthly Meeting - Monday - Sept 12, 2011

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 Good day all, 

Just a reminder, the club meeting is scheduled for the first Monday of the 
month. For September, the first Monday of the 
months falls on Labor Day. I have spoken with Whole Hog cafe, and changed our 
meeting date to Monday, 9/12 instead. 

This meeting will be very important, 
It is that time of year again, to review our current leadership roles at CAMRC

        * President Emeritus ~ Daniel Gladstone 
        * VP for Comm'tns & PR ~ Mike Mottler 
        * VP for Events & Treasurer ~ William McFadden 
        * VP for Promotion ~ Don Myers 
        * BSA Liaison ~ Heather Morris
An decide, if we have too many positions and what would work best for our 
It has been proposed that we change our organization structure to: 
Events Mgr
I know for a number of us, our roles in our 9-5 jobs are changing and we are 
not able to 
give the level of service that the job requires/demands. 
In my case, I am planning not to accept another term as President Emeritus due 
to new work role. 
Also recently that Will McFadden has changed his job role as well and waiting 
to hear back from
him whether he wants to continue his role as VP for events/Treasurer.  
We really need everyone to attend to make these important decisions which will 
effect the overall direction of the club 
If for some reason, if you can not attend, please let me know via email your 
thoughts recommendations. 
Daniel Gladstone 
Email: ca_mrc@xxxxxxxxx
Web Site: www.artrains.org
Phone: 501-269-3030

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