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  • From: David Kelk <dakelk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: apaworks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 17:31:47 -0400

Since Tina, Rhogen and company have already been choo-chooed away, how about
we start this scene sometime after arriving at the T.Q. and finding them 

On 22/05/2003 2:25 PM, Dennis D. Kirkpatrick wrote:

>Unfortunately, the elevator had made a number of stops to let people on
>and off, but finally Sebastian and Terry made it to the the top floor. A
>sign pointed them to the heliport on the rooftop. Ascending the stairway
>to the roof, the two men emerged onto a large heliport that ran adjacent
>to a tarmak and runway nearly 100-meters in length.
>"Over here!" Slovenski's voice called out. He was visibly waving on the
>opposite side of the tarmak beside a "Flying Squirrel" hopper. Another
>man, who appeared to be a pilot stood next to him, but, as soon as  he saw
>Slovenski flag Terry and Sebastian, ran around the nose of the hopper and
>ascended into the forward cockpit.
>Dennis D. Kirkpatrick
>This message brought to you by the HG-PBEM "OVERDRIVE" mailing list.

David Kelk


This message brought to you by the HG-PBEM "OVERDRIVE" mailing list.

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