[HG-PBEM] Re: Elsewhere in the Sand Stone (Still inside the room)

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  • Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 01:03:45 -0500

> > Keavy, too slow to kick at Terry before he ran off, put her glass down
> > cleared her throat.  "Was that really necessary?."  she asked, her
> > directed toward Jezebal.
> Jezabel smirked and stood up straight. "We were just sizing him up,"
> she responded. "That's all. No harm done." Jezabel eyed her husband,
> and then returned her gaze to Kerry, along with Rohgen. "I have no
> interest in him, other than professionally.  If he's half the agent that I
> ascertain he is; he'll be back soon.
> "You see," the Colonel started, standing up and moving over toward
> the couch were Keavy was sitting and plopped down beside her. "We
> have to judge a person's skills; that's all. There ar a conflagration of
> factions here in Khayr ad-Din. We have to be,... diligent." The Colonel
> stood back up and moved away from the couch. His cane was clacking
> an the sandstone tile.

"Sure I guess."  She replied joking.  "Are you going to try to seduce Rohgen
or me next?  I don't think that it will provide a good measure of our
talents though."

> He turned. "So, while we are waiting for Mr. McMartin. Mr. Czeshin
> and Ms. Huang, would you care to share some more about
> yourselves," the short man continued. "We're very interested in
> knowing more about you and your amazing gear. Particularly, how a
> small team like yourselves could get ahold of such an expensive piece
> of machinery."

Keavy smiled a knowing smile at Rohgen.  She was rather proud of the work
that he had done on her gear.  "Why so interested in my dancing shoes?  It's
just a gear that we have modified to be the meanest, asphalt tearing chunk
of metal in this part of the world.  You'd be surprised at what a group of
people can come up with when they are really, really dedicated."



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