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  • Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 10:51:11 -0600 (MDT)

Robb Neumann said:

>>> Ms. Dominic reached out her hand. "Pleasure, Mr. Czeshin. Now, you
>>> had an extensive list of parts that you required?"
>> Rohgen politely placed a pda with the list on the screen into the
>> outstreached hand.

"Thank you," Ms. Dominic replied. The Trasher Queen then handed the PDA to
Sal. "Sal will download the information into our database. She should be
able to place you with a meter of the equipement that you require. Here at
the Chop Shop, we try to keep as organized as one can with other people's
trash and scrap."

>> A scurying noise came from a box on the truck. In the darkness lay a
>> lizard in paranoid wait. So many noises could be herd from outside the
>> box. Monty could feel the cleaver hiding place lift and move about as he
>> hoped that the apes wouldn't disturb the big metal monster again. The
>> box made two thumping noises when it hit the ground. Strange to see
>> stars from inside an enclosed metal container.
> Tina, lifted the metal container again, holding her ear to it.  Of all
> of the containers she unpacked from the truck, this was the only one
> that had made any kind of noise or had a sliding sort of uneven weight
> inside.  She shook it a little, softly, but enough to get the object
> inside to move again.
> Frowning, she dropped the box, then announced, "Rohgen, I found your...
> pet."

Lyle snickered. "Rohgen has a pet?" His eyes narrowed. "//Interesting//,"
he thought to himself. He found that he was beginning to like this GREL,
she perhaps felt the same about Rohgen as he did.

> Tina left the box where it lay, then moved back to the truck to continue
> unloading the empty containers they would soon fill with parts.

Lyle moved up alongside Tina, pulling out an empty container himself. He
mildly smiled at her.

A short distance away, Sal had finished uploading th data. "It will take
just a moment and the database will provide you with a location pointer,
allowing you to use your PDA's built-in GPS to lead to the correct,
sorting locations."

Ms. Dominic nodded in satisfaction. She then looked back at Tina. "She's
an Isabell-class GREL, isn't she?" Hanna asked of Rohgen. "I've only seen
a few in my years."


Dennis D. Kirkpatrick


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