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  • Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:09:56 -0600 (MDT)

John Guilfoyle said:

>> The Colonel nodded. "OK then," he acknowledged. "We'll all head
>> back now." He knelt down, helping Rhogen to his feet and assisted the
>> man to the jeep. "Lemanz, lead the way home. Terry, can you  radio
>> Hanna to meet us just outside the gate. They should be
>> waiting just inside for us to signal."
> Lemanz nodded unseen in her gear's cockput, happy that the group was
> going to stay together. Directing Shamus and Keavy into position with
> hand-signals and short, crisp commands, she took the lead and ran
> active scans on the ruined city in front of them. Seeing nothing to
> cause alarm, she set off.

Jonus had offered Tina the space beside Rhogen and Carlie in the rear
seat, taking the cargo space behind. It was the first time that Tina had
seen Jonus smile.

"It will be so good to get back," Carlie exclaimed. "I deperately need a


[GM: OK, I'll work to keep things moving, but I really want to give you
guys an opportunity to communicate with eachother here. Assume that the
speaker and microphone are on in the jeep, so that Juliette, Keavy and
Shamus can all communicate openly with everyone in the jeep. The Colonel
is driving. Terry is riding shotgun. Tina, Rhogen and Carlie are in the
back seat. Jonus is in the small cargo bed.

Also, I noticed that David dropped off. David, you may be busy, but I'm
just checking. You voiced wanting everyone together to hash through
things, so I've set this up for that.]

Dennis D. Kirkpatrick


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