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  • Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 15:14:20 -0600 (MDT)

[GM: Again, I figured that you'd open the door if the opportunity
presented itself. Shandra is inside. She an Ashanti-- beautiful in sexual
POW! Big breasts, tight body and a particularly delightful-looking ass.
Ashanti is the pleasure capital of the South. Enough said.]

Alex Altman said:

> Smiling at the sight of his two-dimensional self, Chance glanced down
> the hall both ways to make sure no one was coming. This room might be
> interesting to poke around in, but he'd check and see what was in each
> of the upstairs rooms before deciding where to spend his limited time.
> Checking over his shoulder once again, he moved to the next door and
> knocked softly.

"Yes, who is it?" a woman's voice called. The voice was muffled behind the
door but was clearly Shandra's. "You can come in if you want. I'm decent."

Chance opened the door and looked into a room similar to the last. There
were four beds and lots of posters acattered randomly on the walls.
Shandra was lying down on her bed across the room, apparently reading. She
wore wire-frame glasses, which coupled with her young face and blonde
hair, gave her that studious look. However, unable to resist, Sebastian's
eyes soon worked their way down her profile, showing off her beautiful

She looked up from her reading. "Bastian, what's up?" Her voice sounded
cute and innocent. "Did you find Jezebel, OK?"


Dennis D. Kirkpatrick


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