[antispam-f] Re: Tab in 'From:'

  • From: Harriet Bazley <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 01:43:49 +0100

On 26 Oct 2006 as I do recall,
          Mark J wrote:

> In message <d364787b4e.harriet@xxxxxxxxxx>
>           Harriet Bazley <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[snip tab trap]

> I've also found them in the Date line. I've been using the simpler
> INSTR(h$,CHR$(9)) in readiness for when the TAB moves...
Yes, but tab characters at the start of a line (i.e. appearing in the
unmodified h$) are perfectly legal in continuation headers!   :-(

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