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  • From: Dave Higton <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:39:06 GMT

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          Jeremy Nicoll - zf freelists <jn.fr.lsts.74@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> It seems to me that no matter what you test to set a sysvar that attempts
> to tell you if the Iyo is contactable, that test is going to have to be
> repeated at frequent intervals and you still have to cope with the problem
> of the Iyo going offline (as seen from the BBxM) in the middle of AS using
> it.  What would happen to mails being written to a download file in that
> situation? 

I've solved it to a pretty good (albeit not perfect) state.  I wrote
a small app that performs an IfPing every 10 seconds and updates a
system variable accordingly.  This app is started up automatically
on boot.

It is indeed possible that the Iyonix will go offline while mail is
being fetched.  Plan B is that my mail service /will/ /not/ delete
mail after it is fetched; that's just how it works.  It means I have
to go to the webmail pages and delete loads of mail from time to
time.  However, in the case we're discussing, it works in my favour.

So, thanks to both of you for your suggestions.  It's resolved, at
least for now...

If AntiSpam sees the system variable set to "N" when it wants to
auto-run, when does it look next?  The time in the Progress window
doesn't seem to be updated when it doesn't run.


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