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  • From: Jeremy Nicoll - zf freelists <jn.fr.lsts.74@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 23:26:44 +0000

Dave Higton <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>          Jeremy Nicoll - zf freelists <jn.fr.lsts.74@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>Dave Higton <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>However, it often happens that the BBxM is up, with AntiSpam fetching
>>>new mail, before the Iyonix is up, so AntiSpam can't send the mail to
>>>the Iyonix.  It stops with an error box.
> > Do you mean that AS is trying to place fetched mail in a file that's on
> > the Iyonix's file system, accessed via ShareFS?
> Yes.
> > Maybe you need to have AS fetch mail to a local set of files on the BBxM
> > machine, and solve the problem of moving those to the Iyo separately?
> > I think I'd make the Iyo pull files from BBxM to its file system, when
> > it can see files that are available to be grabbed, rather than push them
> > from the BBxM.
> The way I have it now is exactly how AntiSpam and Messenger Pro work
> normally.  The only difference is that the "Download file" is on ShareFS
> rather than local.
> What you suggest sounds like a complicated solution to the problem.

... maybe but it separates the processing that AS does on the BBxM machine
from external dependencies.  It can run & fetch mails without caring about
whether the Iyo is contactable or not.

It seems to me that no matter what you test to set a sysvar that attempts to
tell you if the Iyo is contactable, that test is going to have to be
repeated at frequent intervals and you still have to cope with the problem
of the Iyo going offline (as seen from the BBxM) in the middle of AS using
it.  What would happen to mails being written to a download file in that

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