[antispam-f] Re: ERR: there's no message 0

  • From: Jeremy C B Nicoll <Jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: antispam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2006 14:31:58 +0100

In article <4e42a63edelists@xxxxxxxx>,
   lists (ww) <lists@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 07 Jul, Richard Porter <ricp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > What does the log tell you?

> 07 Jul 09:08:15 100 Box 5: lists/etc
> 07 Jul 09:08:45 030 -ERR There's no message 0. (0)
> 07 Jul 09:08:48 100 Finished box 5

> > What log level have you set?

> 'both'

> > Have you tried to use POPstar or hermes to fetch the offending 
> > message?

> no.
> Should I?

Th only point in doing that is if you thing AS has a bug in its
processing and maybe another program's equivalent processing is worth
trying.  Personally in that situation I'd consider using Telnet to log
in to your mail server and issue POP3 commands and look at what comes
back; that way I'd see exactly what the server is doing, whereas if you
use AS or POPstar or Hermes in all cases you will see (in their logs)
their interpretation of what commands/responses are involved.  If
there's genuinely a server problem then you might not be able to tell
from POPstar etc's logs. 

Telnetting into the mail server and issuing POP3 commands manually is a
good way of diagnosing problems like this, but if you've never done so
before, maybe a bit techie.  I could send you instruction for how to do
this if you want to explore that possibility.  

The ERR message is telling you, I think, that AS has issued a 

  DELE 0

command, (or a "LIST 0", or a "TOP 0 n" or whatever) ie trying to do
something with message 0 in your mail box.  But message numbers start
at 1, so something's wrong in AS issuing such a command.  

However I'd have thought that loglevel "both" would show in the log the
command that the -ERR is the response to, but your log snippet above
doesn't show such any command.

That aside, if this problem happens at message 49/100 you should be
able to tell AS on its next run to deal with only the first 48 messages
which will at least retrieve them.  I'm not sure precisely how you'd do
that in your version of AS though...

Jeremy C B Nicoll, Edinburgh, Scotland - my opinions are my own.

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