[angelscript] AngelScript 2.18.1

  • From: Andreas Jonsson <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: angelscript@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 17:06:37 -0200

I've released version 2.18.1. As I had imagined in the previous release, I
wasn't able to implement the support for function pointers for this release,
but I have it pretty much planned out now so hopefully the actual
implementation should be quite quick now.

I was however able to implement the support for initialization lists for
registered types. This means that the application can now register a
template type with the exact same capabilities of the built-in array type,
without the need for any modifications to the library. This also means that
in the near future I will remove the built-in array type in favor of the
add-on, just as was done with the string type a long time ago.

Another feature that made it into this release is the support for property
accessors for global properties, i.e. global functions with the prefixes
get_ and set_ now act as property accessors. This is especially useful for
those application properties that you want to expose, but that doesn't use
an internal representation that you expose to AngelScript, e.g. char*

I also finally got around to implement the support for native calling
conventions on Win64 that I've been putting off for so long. Now I just need
the 64bit Mac OS X support and then all major platforms are supported.
Hopefully someone with access to a 64bit Mac OS X would be willing to
contribute that code.

Even if the above feature are not of immediate intestest to you, you should
really consider upgrading to this version. There were a few important bug
fixes, and I also spent some time doing some optimizations that should
hopefully have a noticeable impact on your application.

Thanks to the following people for submitting bug reports and helping me fix
them: Samuel E. Henley, Gibbon_99, Friggle, kk, Thy Reaper.

Andreas Jönsson
Author of AngelScript

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