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I know of a gentleman in New Jersey that has an older three manual Rodgers 
organ in his living room with three...count them...three Ahlborn boxes wired 
into his Rodgers organ. And boy does it play, backed up with about 28 speakers 
all over the house. I'm trying to get him to my house to do the same on my 32B.

Rich Torlai
Music Minister
Falls Congregational Church
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  Dear Noel: I thought I was through with your sarcasm when I left your group. 
Is this 1984?For your information, when I found out that an analog organ could 
be converted to MIDI, Sound Research was the first company I contacted.They 
informed me that they do not make equipment for my organ. The next company I 
contacted was Classic MIDI Works (Canada) who is reputable enuf to be the first 
company listed on Hauptwerk's (no doubt you've heard of that) website under 
resources .
Karen Lewis

  noel jones <gedeckt@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Sound Research - Vern Jones, knows the organs well and would then be a 
    better resource if difficulties are met...

    If the installer is a good tech, there should be no problem, but I am 
    aware of a church where a good pipe tech blew two solid state chime 
    relays, one positive and one negative, before going back to a 
    mechanical interface.

    The equipment used was standard, but using components by different 
    manufacturers, no one knew which system woudl work, and this was 
    documented in the literature supplied with the ss units.

    noel jones, moderator ROUG
    Rodgers Harpsichord
    Athens, TN
    On Jul 18, 2006, at 4:09 PM, Charles Strack wrote:

    --- noel jones wrote:

    > If the manufacturer of the equipment does not know
    > your organ well
    > enough to know this himself, you need to find
    > another manufacturer.

    I think this is an unrealistic response expectation.
    There are any number of generic MIDI encoding products
    for use with pipe organs or various brands of
    electronic organs. The manufacturer may or may not
    know about a specific organ and certainly cannot be
    expected to know every model of every manufacturer.

    If the owner can supply a schematic, the manufacturer
    would be able to determine suitability.

    Manufacturer's do not normally install such
    equipment--they make generic solutions and can provide
    application assistance to their customers.

    And since Rodgers does not, as far as I know, support
    MIDI for the older organs, this is about all the
    options a person has.

    Charlie Strack

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