[amt] quarter tones finally

  • From: "Ramy Moustafa" <moshtaqlealganna@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <amt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2007 04:40:40 +0200

hi all:

finally, i remembered and did the quarter tones, in sonar 6 with jsonar.
select the midi track, that u wish to take the notes from,
select the from and throught  markers,
hit ult E then, select and select by felter.
hit cheft tap 8 times, tel u reach, the word none, and hit space bar,
then, hit about tap 8 times, tel u r reach, the word note and check it,
then you'll find to edit fields, the first one, is, the minimum, in this case, the same, key let's say, E4, and the second one well the the max, enter the same, c4, and hit enter.
then hit ult x to cut,
then, move to the other chanael, that well be minused and hit paste,

now, to minus the chanael:
open the event list, and make a pitch wheel minus 2304, or something, similar,
it well succeed,
am sure,
but don't forget to put al things u put on your original chanael, like reverb and so on.
if u find any difficulties, tell me.

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